Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) is a hands-on treatment known for its diverse benefits:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of stiffness and tension
  • Enhanced range of motion
  • Alleviation of various illness symptoms
  • Support for healing post-injury or illness
  • Prevention of future injuries

Dr. Minter brings Shoreline Integrative Health to Re3, to incorporate these therapeutic benefits. OMT plays a crucial role, offering an alternative or complementary path to medications or surgery. It’s proven effective for many, even after conventional treatments have not met expectations.

During OMT sessions led by an osteopathic physician (DO) like Dr. Minter, specialized techniques involving precise touch and movements target different body areas. These methods address a wide spectrum of conditions—from asthma and insomnia to migraines, menstrual, and back pain.

Referred to as osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM), OMT at Shoreline Integrative Health and the Re3 program differs in approach and expertise. Dr. Minter, specializing in Internal Medicine and Neuromuscular Therapy, comprehensively understands the interconnections within the body. This insight allows for personalized treatments, encompassing various techniques and potential recommendations for additional exercises or lifestyle modifications as needed.

Various OMT techniques are incorporated, each serving unique purposes:

  • Myofascial release to alleviate myofascial pain
  • Soft tissue release, applying pressure and stretches
  • Muscle energy technique followed by muscle stretches
  • Spinal mobilization to enhance mobility
  • Strain-counterstrain for muscle comfort
  • Massage techniques like effleurage and petrissage
  • Lymphatic pump techniques for rhythmic body movement
  • Craniosacral therapy to ease tension in the head, neck, and back
At your initial appointment, a discussion with Dr. Minter will address your concerns and preferences, forming a personalized plan.

Expectations for OMT sessions are tailored to individual needs:

  • Typically spanning two to five sessions for sustained improvement
  • Initially weekly then spaced one to two months apart for maintenance
  • Each session lasts around 40 minutes to an hour

During sessions, the holistic nature of OMT shines as your doctor addresses not only the affected area but also the interconnected systems within the body. Techniques are explained beforehand, respecting your comfort boundaries. Post-treatment, temporary tiredness or soreness might occur, often accompanied by a sense of emotional release. For this reason, Dr. Minter will incorporate life coaching to address any emotional component or stress related somatic symptoms.

OMT differs from chiropractic care because it is administered solely by licensed osteopathic physicians with advanced medical training and is aimed at combining diverse modalities including exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and supplements or medications under Dr. Minter’s guidance.

Choosing OMT with Shoreline Integrative Health at Re3 presents numerous advantages:

  • Alternative to conventional medications or surgeries (ex: carpel tunnel)
  • Access better health with advanced expertise in OMT provided by Dr. Minter’s specialization in Internal Medicine and Neuromuscular Therapy

Shoreline Integrative Health is not a primary care practice, rather a unique medical practice for personalized health and wellness. Our focus remains on tailoring treatment programs for each patient’s unique needs, ensuring an integrative approach to sustainable health.