Body contouring is the newest advancement in medical aesthetics and people are raving about it! UltraShape® Power for body contouring and is a great way to smooth unwanted curves and finally end the battle of the bulge!

We’ve all been there—when your favorite pair of jeans feel too snug no matter how hard you’re pushing yourself at the gym or how well you’re eating. What gives? All the hours spent “feeling the burn” yet you can’t burn off those love handles or that little belly bulge that seems resistant to all your hard work and healthy food choices! Now there is something you can do about it, now you can spot reduce with UltraShape® Power!

The UltraShape® Power procedure is used to treat areas of stubborn unwanted fat. It targets these areas by utilizing pulsed ultrasound waves that cause fat cells to burst, releasing their contents for your body to then process as it would a meal and to burn off as energy. The fat cells eliminated by UltraShape® Power are permanently destroyed and will not return. This is an FDA-cleared body contouring technique that leaves no unwanted signs of treatment, nor does it cause harm to muscles, tissue, or nerves. It only targets fat cells. With UltraShape® Power there is no downtime, you can go straight to the gym after your treatment, in fact we encourage it!

Body Contouring with UltraShape® Power is a great way to kick-off a new diet and exercise regiment, a way to celebrate weight loss, or a great option to get ready for a big life event such as a wedding or beach vacation.

As with all body contouring devices, proper patient screening is critical in achieving good results. UltraShape® Power works best for patients who have specific areas of persistent unwanted fat or genetically acquired problem areas.  Re3 Healing Aesthetics and Wellness believes in customized treatments for every individual for truly remarkable results.

If you think you might want to explore the possibilities of UltraShape® Power, schedule a complimentary consultation at our office so that we can discuss the procedure and determine if UltraShape® Power is right for you.

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